Oriol López

Hello, my name is Oriol López, I was born in Girona in 1995 and I have been developing websites and applications since 2009. What started out as a hobby became my daily dedication.


I am an App Developer

Passionate about technology, computer lover, athlete and full of goals. I intend to go as far as my mind allows me, I do not want to lock myself in any place because I want to reach more and more.

I am excited about new projects and I am firmly committed to the work. In 2014 I created a blog on the internet where I can share everything that I am passionate about, especially everything that has to do with technology.

By the way, I'm also an app developer!

Say Hello

If you have any doubt in your head that does not let you sleep, do not forget to leave it in this comment box. I also attend to new projects and ideas.